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La Gratitude Home for the Aged are leaders in caring for the aged through specialized services including frail care through Palliative care, Dementia and Alzheimer’s, rehabilitative and respite care within the FRAIL CARE FACILITY accommodating 120 frail residents. The Organisation also provide assisted living services to the residents residing at the La Gratitude Flats and to the residents at the cottages. The Organisation strive to ensure that the Rights of the Older Persons are adhered to at all times and ensure a safe and secure environment for all their residents.

Established in 1987 the legally registered Organisation expanded their services to accommodate 120 frail older persons in the Frail Care Facility where 24hour 7days a week health and nursing care is provided where the emphasis is on the clinical needs and requirements as well as the personal needs of the older frail person and their family. The Frail Care facility attend to acute and chronic diseases including those diagnosed suffering from communicable and non-communicable diseases and normal aging processes through monitoring and caring in a safe and secure environment. Care includes the ongoing assessment of the resident’s health status and adjusting of the Individual Care and Development plans by the Multi-disciplinary team in order to address the individual needs of the older person.

La Gratitude is a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) – Reg No. 031-383 dedicated to serving the needs of the elderly residents.

Two additional satellite entities were later added, namely LA GRATITUDE FLATS accommodating persons from 50 years of age comprising of 127 units and LA GRATITUDE COTTAGES comprising of 44 units for pensioners. Our facilities include leisure areas and communal gardens for all our residents to enjoy.

La Gratitude is an organisation committed to being socially responsible within the community. We serve and to this end, we are actively involved in numerous outreach and awareness programmes in both rural and urban areas throughout the Amajuba / Newcastle District.

The aim of the organisation is to provide vital services for the needy, vulnerable and frail older persons within the community and surrounding areas and to further ensure the best interest of our frail older persons, challenged within the frail care are met.

La Gratitude Home for the Aged strive to adhere to the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa in ensuring that the rights of the older persons are respected and that the older persons live in a safe and secure environment where they can enjoy care and support in the last season of their lives.

Outreach interventions at crèches and luncheon clubs are rendered within the community in conjunction with the Department of Social Development to ensure preventative and outreach initiatives are invested in the vulnerable groups in the communities


La Gratitude FRAIL CARE FACILITY strive to provide the highest possible standard of care to each and every resident of La Gratitude and to administer this care with love, compassion and respect at all times.

Our approach to resident care is one of both caring and encouragement for our residents to continue to grow and blossom as people during this stage in their lives. We believe that the gift of life should always be celebrated and so our goal is to provide facilities and opportunities for our residents to embrace and pursue what energises and excites them.

To care is both an act and a mindset. We are the paramount role players in our resident’s daily lives. This is a role that we hold sacred and we believe that our staff members and residents are interconnected by the mutual enjoyment derived from our daily engagements with one another.

We break down the misconceptions of what is possible in the later years of life and we do this by building close connections to our residents to reveal their hopes, ideas and interests. That is how La Gratitude is ensuring a future that’s better and even more beautiful – than what has been imagined for the elderly before. It is a world that we invite you to inhabit, because it’s a world where we would all wish to be in our elder years.


To promote and maintain the highest standard of residential care to the frail older persons through understanding the aging process, age-related brain diseases and to enhance the quality of life of the vulnerable aged persons through education, outreach and assisted living programmes.


Commitment to the provision of a holistic approach to the care of the frail older persons within La Gratitude Home for the Aged through ensuring excellence in the provision of loving care and services within a safe and secure environment and housing facilities (flats and cottages) with the assistance of qualified and dedicated staff who are committed to the values of the organisation.


La Gratitude believe in:

  • Hospitality: La Gratitude wish to ensure a friendly, warm, hygienic and kind environment where all residents feel welcome and safe.
  • Commitment: La Gratitude value the commitment of our staff, friends, family and volunteers.
  • Trust: La Gratitude believe in keeping their promises.
  • Education: La Gratitude believes in capacity building.
  • Empathy: La Gratitude believes compassion is contagious and love is free.
  • Teamwork: La Gratitude believes in teamwork in a professional and co-operative manner.
  • Service Excellence: La Gratitude take pride in their work and are dedicated to make a difference in the lives of the older persons and community.
  • Integrity: La Gratitude honour and foster openness and transparency.
  • Home away from home: La Gratitude strives to make the facility a special place that feels like home.

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