Where Would You Feel Most At Home?

Are you looking for an independent or assisted senior living community?

Making You Feel At Home Is What We Do Best

Making You Feel At Home Is What We Do best. Are you looking for an independent or assisted senior living community? Do you want to join a fun-loving, one of a kind organisation? Look no further than La Gratitude

If a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere, away from the rat race is what you are looking for you can rely on our 37 years of experience to get the treatment and atmosphere that you need. Senior citizens from all over South Africa and the local community receive care from La Gratitude an organisation known by its residents to be a wonderful place with friendly staff.

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Why do others choose us?

As many of our current residents shared in their testimonials, we provide peace of mind. Many long time residents at the flats and cottages moved to the Frail Care Facility at an older age. The peace of mind that comes with the convenience of not having to relocate is priceless. 

When the time comes, you can with ease move and live the remainder of your life with your friends in your community, knowing that your wellness and happiness are in the hands of people who truly care. 

Why not join the many Senior Citizens that chose to join the La Gratitude Family and live their senior years in a tranquil, beautiful, fun-loving environment. 

Why not become a resident in the exceptionally well-managed facilities, enjoy the beautiful gardens, take part in all activities, and be a member of our family and community. 

It is as easy as choosing La Gratitude.

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Need Extra Personal Care?

Be your best and that extra care you need. Be at peace knowing the 24-hour Frail Care Facility dedicated to seniors who require around the clock medical care is at your disposal. All in a safe and secure environment. 

You have multiple care levels and facilities from which to choose, ranging from independent living to frail care. This way you know that you have all that your need at your fingertips. This is what makes it possible to live a high-quality way of life in the most suitable way possible.

Dedicated Frail Care Services

Within our Frail Care Facility, we provide specialised services that include Primary Care, Palliative Care, Respite Care and Rehabilitative Care for Dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

Peace of mind is what our care is all about, and is guaranteed by our ongoing assessment of your health status. At our flats and cottages, we have a weekly clinic on site which you may attend to get your regular checks done, blood pressure, sugar testing, temperatures and more. All of which are executed by our qualified team of professionals. This is truly the best way to feel at home. 

Personal Care

You Are In Good Hands

For the frail, our multi-disciplinary nursing team at our Frail Care Facility consists of more than 51 qualified, experienced staff. These team members are there to make sure that all your needs are met within the resources of the organisation. 

Benefit from a team that cares about your wellbeing. Our team of care professionals makes the necessary adjustments to each individual’s care regime and development plan. This way you know that the medical assistance you receive suits your needs and is delivered by people that understand your individual needs.

Services and Amenities

Surround yourself in the best environment possible, not only medically but also generally. The beautifully manicured gardens, flats, and cottages will most likely make you feel at home and it all comes at affordable rates.

Benefit from having the services right there on your doorstep.

On The Premises

Located on the premises you find a clinic, four-lane bowling greens, snooker and darts for the enthusiasts, and a hair and nail beauty salon. You can even arrange for a special overnight stay for your visitors. 


Right next door to the flats is a shopping centre with a Pick n Pay, Bottle store, Restaurant and pub, Pharmacy, Petrol Station, Cell phone repair shop and a Fast food outlet everything for your day to day shopping needs. Best of all is that it’s located right next door in close walking distance. 

Cost of Living At La Gratitude

La Gratitude is one of the most affordable senior living communities offering a variety of accommodation options for those 50 years and older. Take a look at our accommodation pages for full details regarding costing.

Luxury Cottage

Truly Be At Home

Choosing to join the La Gratitude family and become an official resident at La Gratitude is not retirement, but a choice to live your best senior life possible. A fulfilling life combined with excellent assistance where and when you need it most.

Remember that you are responsible for your own happiness and where you choose to live the remainder of your senior years will play an integral part in determining this.

Ask yourself, why not live in a tranquil, peaceful environment and join in the social events, lively fundraisers or simply enjoy relaxing in the sunshine somewhere in the beautifully manicured gardens. If relaxing is not for you stay active, play bingo, learn to line dance or be part of the exercise classes. 

The answers to all these questions are simple, join our family and know that your well-being is always a priority. Make the right choice and become a part of this family.

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