Providing comfortable living conditions to the elderly is our priority.

More Than Just Accommodation.

Accommodation is a small part of senior living. Why Senior Living and not retirement? Senior living is not to be retired in the way most people think about it. Senior living is the continuation of your life and quite frankly, should be the best part of your life. That is why we refer to retirement as senior living. 

Imagine your life after fifty living in a beautiful, safe and secure accommodation environment. Senior living brings along many big decisions and factors to take into consideration, where you will be living is most likely the biggest factor of them all.

Where you live will determine your ongoing peace of mind and happiness. Where you retire plays a vital role in your physical and mental wellbeing. It is a known fact that older persons require more care. 

How much care you need varies from person to person. Whether you have chosen to retire or medical hardship placed you in a situation where you need higher-level medical care is all taken into consideration when you approach La Gratitude. 

We provide solutions to accommodation problems for the people entering their golden years/retirement all the way through to frail care for the elderly.

La Gratitude Accommodation History

La Gratitude started with 126 flats in five blocks and then after consideration and a feasibility study, our first Old Age Home was legally established in 1987. With excitement and a mission at heart, the construction started and La Gratitude Old Age Home was built in Newcastle Central. The Old Age Home is currently situated diagonally opposite the Private Hospital. This turns out to be a very convenient location. 

The Flats are located in the residential area of Pioneer Park. Both the Frail Care Facility and the Cottages are situated in Central Newcastle. If needed access to immediate assistance for emergencies is readily available. This is possible as the Cottages and Frail Care Facility are both located on the same property.

Image: Google Maps

Newcastle Central

Image: Google Maps

Newcastle Pioneer Park

The first Accommodation upgrade

In 2004, as an action to a growing need of the Government to support and improve care services for the elderly, the government upgraded La Gratitude’s status. The existing Old Age Home registration was changed to a registered Frail Care Facility by the Department of Social Development.

Even More Accommodation Improvements

In 2013, due to the popularity and growing demand for affordable retirement accommodation and the services provided by us. Various generous donors decided to reach deep into their pockets and they funded the next accommodation expansions. This expansion included the addition of twelve (12) luxurious Cottages. 

That was only the start, as in 2015, once again good-hearted people made it possible to add an additional four (4) Cottages. 

A Fortunate Position

All the improvements and upgrades placed us in a fortunate situation, a situation where we have the facilities to provide top tier care accommodation services. The focus of our services falls on the individual and each individual’s personal needs.

Your solution to your senior living questions lies within our approach to residential care provided in exceptional accommodation facilities. We understand your needs and present our services on a basis of motivation, care and encouragement. That is a proven way to better senior living for those uncertain of what the future holds. 

Rest assured knowing that with La Gratitude you will be ensured of high quality of life and exposure to an environment of which you can be proud to be a part.

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