What does the La Gratitude logo mean?

The Lagratitude logo is a well-known symbol in the local community, that represents the well-being and professional care of our residents. The Logo is registered with the Bureau of Heraldry, the South African Archive and the registry for official logos, badges, uniforms etc. since 1987. 

The La Gratitude Logo is made up of various elements that each represent a part of our values. This is what it looks like.

La Gratitude Logo

The Elements of the La Gratitude Logo.

The La Gratitude Logo combines two parts, a Shield and a Ribbon. The ribbon is a symbol of awareness and support. The shield design communicates stability, protection, longevity and tradition.

In the centre and to the top of the shield is a silver Leaved and stemmed Protea flower. The Protea flower is braced by a golden laurel wreath of wheat.

The Protea Flower comes with many mythological associations to change and transformation. It’s not surprising that in the language of flowers, protea symbolizes diversity and courage.

The gold laurel wreath of golden wheat represents an award and success of winning and a certified achievement and as a symbol of health.

And finally, La Gratitude’s slogan/motto is located on the ribbon: “The People Who Care”. Caring for our residents is our main objective and one of the values everyone at La Gratitude lives up to.

Living Up To Our Motto.

As directed by our logo we break down misconceptions about what is possible in the later years of life. Then build intimate connections with our residents to reveal and strengthen their hopes, ideas and interests. 

By implementing our motto, our residents build a future that is better and more beautiful than anyone has imagined. You are invited to inhabit this wonderful world with all of us. This is the kind of world where we all wish to be in our elder years. 

Caring Is Both An Act And A Mindset.

Our residents know that we are playing a paramount role in their daily lives. This is a role that we hold sacred, we believe that our team members and residents are interconnected by the mutual enjoyment derived from their daily engagements.

The gift of life should always be celebrated, so we have taken the task upon ourselves to provide the facilities and opportunities to enable our residents to embrace and pursue those things that energise and excites them. Learn more about the Care Services we provide HERE.

The La Gratitude Logo Stand for Social Responsibility.

As in the logo, the gold laurel wreath of golden wheat represents an award and success of winning and a certified achievement. We characterise true achievement as not only caring for our residents but also making a positive impact in our local community.

We serve to this end and are actively involved in numerous outreach and awareness programmes in both the surrounding rural and urban areas that reach throughout the Amajuba/Newcastle District. This resulted in regular media coverage by various newspapers and online news agencies. Take a look at our media section HERE.

The Ribbon Is A Symbol Of Awareness And Support.

Providing both awareness and support requires a team. A team that is not only dedicated but also qualified and diverse in function. The La Gratitude team is made up of more than 110 employees who are loyal, dedicated, committed, and experienced. 

Each member of our team is actively involved in their own way to enable the numerous services we provide. Some of these services include housekeeping (laundry and cleaning), food and beverage, maintenance, administration, medical, fundraising, activities, social services and community outreach initiatives throughout our organisation.All the residents at La Gratitude benefit in many different ways as a result of the efforts made by the team. Click HERE To find out more about the team.

You can make a difference

With your assistance, the volunteers at La Gratitude will be able to take better care of not only the residents at the old age home but also the greater Newcastle community. La Gratitude is constantly involved in outreach projects to help the elderly in need in and around Newcastle.

Your donations will be greatly beneficial in the provision of food and other basic necessities for the less fortunate elderly people that require assistance.

Donating is easy, click here to donate now.