Welcome To The Retirement Blog Series

Dealing with all the different aspects of retirement is what we do on a daily basis. With more than 30 years of experience, we learned a thing or two about retirement and that inspired us to share some of our experiences in our retirement blog series. Read on and learn how to plan for retirement.

Who will benefit from this series?

You can think of this series as a deep dive into preparing for retirement, and that is not something you do when you retire, but something you start as young as possible. This retirement blog series is packed with information related to retirement that is relevant for any person, even if you just started working, and all the way through to the older crowd that is getting ready to retire.

What topics will be covered?

We are planning on publishing many articles but this month we start with four retirement-related topics.

Where are the retirement series published?

The answer to this question is The La Gratitude Blog. The blog is the part of our website that is constantly growing and contains articles covering various topics. We also make use of the following Social Media Platforms.

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How often do we publish new content?

However the series topics may change, we constantly publish new articles once a week. And as mentioned before, no advertising, as we are not selling anything. The objective of these posts is to inform and engage with people from all walks of life that want to learn more and be prepared for retirement.

We love being socially active and invite you to join in the conversations via the comments sections on our blog posts. Do not hesitate to share your experiences and knowledge regarding the topics we discuss. After all, discussions in the comments contribute even more to the articles and help our audience even more regarding a topic.

Here is a preview of this month’s topics.

We kick off with Planning for Retirement. In this article, we take a look at the basic considerations of retiring, how to plan for retirement, when you start planning and much more.

The second post gets right into one of the more important aspects of retirement, accommodation. We discuss why housing plays such a big role in retirement, look at the different options available in South Africa, discuss the caveats and points you should be careful of and much more.

Week three of this series is dedicated to activities, what do you do when you stop working? We explore the things retired people love to do, how to do them, what it costs, and everything we can think of regarding retirement activities.

Concluding this month, we talk about finances. How much do things cost, what do you need to save, how to save money, different financial services available in South Africa and much more.

That wraps up our retirement series for June.

What comes next?  

In July we move on to a new topic, Medical Care. It goes without saying that medical care can very quickly become very expensive. The truth is that you will most likely end up needing treatments for things you never even heard of. So, with that said we explore the medical field and look at topics related to retirement.

In Conclusion.

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Thank you for reading all the way up to here, we are excited to hear from you and see you in the first post of this series.

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